Our favourite camping spot-Loch Katrine!

Hey guys, so in this post we're going to be talking about our all time favourite camping/4x4ing spot and what you can do there.

Jonny has been camping since he was a little boy and has been going to this camp spot since he can remember. I grew up in Australia and we spent many weekends away camping and having so much fun.

3 years ago Jonny decided he wanted to do something fun and special for my birthday. He planned a surprise camping trip with some of our mates and took us all to his favourite spot called "Loch Katrine". It was stunning and I fell in love with the place.

Loch Katrine is located in the Hurunui district near Hawardon and accessible by 4WD. To get there you drive on a windy gravel road until you reach a lake called "Lake Taylor". Lake Taylor has a DOC campsite right by the lake however it isn't as sheltered from the wind.

Once you pass through a gate the gravel road continue until the track becomes slightly rutty. The ruts aren't that bad they just advise you not to take your lower cars though. We've taken our boat through with no problems, we just had to drive slower then usual. Once though the ruts the gravel road continues until you reach Loch Katrine!

There are so many places to park up and camp right beside the lake.

You can do so many things here. Bring your bikes and bike to Lake Sumner which is only accessible by walking, biking or boating. There are plenty of places to bike to. You do lots of walks around the lake or through the forest behind. If you bring a boat you can water ski or biscuit.

We took our boat once and decided to go through the canal connecting to Lake Sumner. It is a very narrow and shallow canal so you have to bring the motor up quite a lot. After about 5 minutes you're through and on Lake Sumner. There is also lots of fishing and hunting if your have the correct gear and license.

If camping isn't really you're thing, A group regulars to the loch have not long allied with DOC to build 3 brand new huts that sleep up to 8 people. It has running water and a fireplace to keep you and your family warm.

Sophie and Jonny x

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