Honeymoon Time!

On April 27th we got married! It was such an incredible day.

We have plans to go on an actual honeymoon somewhere tropical but we still wanted to go away somewhere now so we packed the car and went camping. It was the first big drive in our Land Cruiser and it drove amazingly. We headed to Nelson and for a night and then continued up to Golden Bay. We camped at a Doc (Department of Conservation) park called Totaranui. It was absolutely stunning up there. We had perfect weather and the night sky was beautiful. We even got up to watch the sunrise which was incredible.

We couldn't just sit round and do nothing all day so we decided to do a little walk up to a beautiful lighthouse based at separation point. We had to take the long way round to start the tramp as it was high tide which meant we couldn't cross the lagoon. It was a pretty moderate tramp. It was mostly up hill the whole way but the view was all worth it. it took us 3 hours to get the lighthouse where we sat, ate lunch and admired the beautiful view of the ocean.

On our way back, after a bit of rock climbing over what use to be the tack but got washed away we were on our own private beach. What more could you do when you're on a honeymoon on your own private beach, skinny dipping!! It was absolutely freezing but was so incredible. Once we weren't able to feel our body again we decided to head back to camp. The tide was low on our way into camp which was such a great feeling knowing we didn't have to take the long way round. We arrived back in just enough time to go and watch the sunset on the beach.

Golden Bay/Totaranui is defiantly a must see spot. Beautiful sand and clear water.

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